Free JuanRa !

There are many ways to help JuanRa and this campaign:

  • Write Juanra in the prison:
    Juan Ramón Rodríguez Fernández
    c/o C. P. ZUERA
    Ctra. Nacional 330, Km. 539
    50800 Zuera (ZARAGOZA)

  • Inform yourself about what is happening, and do not let your opinion be dictated by the press

  • Organise an info- or benefit-night. You can contact us for this.

  • Of course we also need lots of money. See our account number on the contact-page

  • You can help us with the information work. For instance, if you can translate from/into any of the languages we will have on this site (English, Dutch, Catalan, Spanish, German) we would be grateful.

  • Protest against the slavish dutch cooperation with the spanish oppresion and repression against political resistance!

Koh Pha Ngan, Thailand