Freedom for Gabriele Kanze! No extradition to the Spanisch state

From: Anarchist Black Cross Gent <>
Date: Sun, June 23, 2002 23:38

News below reached us via prisoner Thomas Meyer-Falk. Besides Juanra in the Netherlands, also in Schwitzerland someone was arrested and imprisoned because the Spanisch state demands her extradition:

Freedom for Gabriele Kanze! No extradition to the Spanisch state

Gabriele Kanze was arrested on March 14 2002 , when she traveled from Germany to Schwitzerland. Since 1995 there exists an international arrest order against her. The Spanisch justice suspects her of support of the ETA. Concretely, she is suspected to have rent a house which supposedly was also used by members of the former Barcelona ETA-Kommando. The indications towards the house were extracted from an arrested member of the commando under torture. Since then, Gabriele couldn't leave Germany without fear of being arrested.

Her husband, Benjamín Ramos Vega, who was also suspected of support of the Barcelona Kommando was arrested in 1995 in Berlin and in 1996 extradited to the Spanish state. Germany thus approved an extradition based on declarations obtained under torture, and neglected also the verdict of a Berlin court which demanded that the fysical integrity of Benjamin would be guaranteed. Spanisch justice sentenced him to more than 11 years in prison on the basis of the same accusations now also upheld against Gabriele Kanze ^Ö support of the Barcelonese ETA Kommando. Since the summer of last year, the punishment of Benjamin is interrupted because of his bad health condition (Benjamín suffers from AIDS ). He is subjected to regular medical controls because in the case his healt condition ameliorates he has to finish his sentence. After her arrest, Gabriele has been imprisoned in the prison of Flums in the Swiss region St. Gallen. The extradition demand of the Spanisch justice is now under investigation by the Swiss justice. The demand of Madrid is based completely on facts and accusations already used on the trial against Benjamín Ramos Vega. Several of these accusations have already then been declared ungrounded by the Audiencia Nacional. The Swiss justice will have to investigate in the next months not only the formal grounds for the arrest but also the question of the respect of human rights by the Spanisch state. As such the question of the validity of proofs obtained under torture. A final decision about the extradition demand is expected only at the end of this year. For the time of the investigation no special detention measures have been ordered. But the fact that she is held as the only woman in a new prison with 30 cells ^Ö besides her there are also eight men ^Ö means she is isolated de facto. It means that at this moment she has only direct contact with police and guards. Her mail is censured, the letters she did write to Benjamín have still not arrived. Gabriele could ask a transfer to another prison, but she won^Òt for the moment cause she fears a deterioration of her prison conditions. Given the conditions she is not very well, support from the outside is much needed.

Gabriele looks forward to receiving mail, and she would like to receive books from outside.

You van write her at the following address:
Gabriele Kanze
c/o Untersuchungsgefängnis
Bergstr. 22 CH 8890 Flums

In Berlin a supportgroup has been set up:
gruppe irrintzi, mail: homepage: or mail: Rote Hilfe e.V., OG Berlin, c/o Infoladen Intercambio, Kreutziger Straße 18, 10247

Note: About Juanra:
the first hearing of the extradition trial of Juanra will take place this Tuesday, 25th of June in Amsterdam.
More info:

You can write to Juanra:
Juan Ramon Rodriguez Fernandez
P/a PI Nieuw Vosseveld
Lunettenlaan 501
5263 NT Vught
the Netherlands