Last 1, 2 en 3 maart there was a Benefitweekend in Utrecht, Amsterdam and Vught with information and gigs. We started on friday in Utrecht with KOP and Silicon Head. Although there were not so many people, there was a lot of interest. The saturdayevening in Amsterdam with KOP, Seein' Red and Paragraf 119 was a great success. It was very busy, also during the info where Juanra's lawyer Victor Koppe also did a small talk. Finally on sunday there was a noise demo/concert at the jail in Vught, where KOP added a great deal of noise. Approximately 100 people from all over the country showed their solidarity. Even some local people from Vught where very curious, but they left the scene really quick when KOP started their first tunes. Unfortunately JuanRa didn't hear us this time also.......
The weekend was a great success, as well for the solidarity as the financial support.
Thank you all for this!!!

More pictures from Vught