Juanra has been transferred to the Vallodolid prison

Last Friday, November 5, 2004, the political prisoner Juanra was transferred to the Vallodolid prison. After Juanra missed a visit from a family member to whom access to the prison was denied (the Soto del Real prison in Madrid, where he has been confined since October 2004), Juanra was transferred. This time to the Vallodolid prison. Even two days after the transfer, his family and friends were not yet informed of his new location. It is thanks only to the family members of Juanra's fellow prisoners that his family was aware of his being transferred. Juanra is now located more than 700 kilometers away from his hometown. The consequence of this greater distance is that his family and friends are not able to visit him as easily.

Juanra's new address is:
Juan Ramón Rodríguez Fernández
c/o Prisión Provincial de Vallodolid
Carretera Madrid-Gijón
47014 Villanubla (Vallodolid)

Juanra was sentenced to five years of imprisonment on May 10, 2004 by the National Court in Madrid "for supporting an armed gang" [ETA]. Juanra was arrested on January 16, 2002 in Amsterdam, and he was extradited to the Spanish state on October 23, 2003, after a court battle lasting one and a half years. Despite the fact that the evidence agains Juanra was flimsy and indirect, his case looked to be as good as lost from the start due to the Spanish state of affairs. Juanra decided, after consulting with his attorney, to accept a deal offered by the Spanish prosecutor. The deal means that he accepts the charge ("supporting an armed gang") and that he must do 5 years of prison time. The prosecutor had originally asked for 9 years for "collaboration with an armed gang". In the case of a deal, no trial takes place, and the verdict is processed administratively. It is clear that this deal must not be seen as an admission of guilt. Knowing Juanra, he must have carefully weighed his options and decided to take the deal in order to get out of prison as soon as possible without having an adverse effect on any other people. Juanra still has more than two more years to go [as of December, 2004]. In general, political prisoners do not get early release "for good behaviour", nor do they get weekend furloughs, nor do they get detention in "half-open" prisons, as is largely the case with social prisoners. One single time, an exception has been made for serious illness or a death in the family.