Sept. 18, Blockade of the Dutch parliament: Free Juanra, arrest Garzon!

In an action today, activists chained themselves to blocks of concrete, thereby blocking the Parliament. It was a protest against the Dutch government's blatant disregard for human rights. But also against the Spanish prosecutor Garzon, who has imprisoned hundreds of activists and outlawed countless newspapers and political organisations. He was invited to speak at a congress on "human rights and terrorism". People who willingly violate human rights should not speak at conferences; they should stand accused in front of a court!!

It took about 45 minutes for the police to get enough material and people to cut us loose. 24 people were arrested but were released the same day. Free Juanra - arrest Garzon!

The Hague, September 11th 2003
Garzon and minister De Hoop Scheffer not welcome at congress on terrorism and human rights.

The immediate reason for this protest is the presence of the Dutch foreign minister and of the Spanish prosecutor Baltazar Garzon at a debate on terrorism and human rights, which is taking place right now at the Ridderzaal in the houses of Parliament.

This action is necessary because the Dutch government has shown repeatedly that it is not interested in human rights. The Netherlands is about to extradite the activist Juanra to Spain, where he will not receive a fair trial and where he runs a serious risk of being tortured.

At the International Criminal Court right here in The Hague, a complaint has been filed against Garzon on charges of political repression. In his own country, he is the instigator of a large program that has put hundreds of activists in jail. This program, which Garzon drafted, states that everyone that fights for the same goals as ETA, but uses entirely different means to achieve those goals, should nevertheless be considered part of ETA and thus be prosecuted as a terrorist. Garzon is personally responsible for outlawing the Basque political party Batasuna, and for the closing down of several newspapers in the Basque country, all without ever getting a court order. Garzon is also engineering the case of Juanra.

We find it unacceptable to see people like this with dirty hands being allowed to present themselves as experts on human rights. They belong in the stand for the accused!!

Our demands:

  • Immediate release of Juanra, and of the Basque political prisoner Alexander Akarregi, who is also being held in a Dutch prison.
  • The arrest of Baltazar Garzon, so that he can stand trial before the International Criminal Court.
  • No extradition of political activists!

We've taken the Dutch state to court. The trial, which is open to the public, will take place on September 24th, in the Court in The Hague. Time: 10.30 hours. Address: Prins Clauslaan 60