The war on terrorism is a war on all of us

No to extraditing Juanra!

Demonstration June 15, 2003 at 2 pm, Westermarkt, Amsterdam

The state has decided to extradite Juanra to the Spanish authorities. For a year and a half Juanra has been fighting his extradition in the Netherlands. The court recognised that he runs the risk of being tortured in Spain, but decided that he would just have to file a complaint in Spain if it happened. Which would be closing the barn door after the horse has bolted.

Juanra is an activist from Barcelona who is accused of ETA involvement. The accusations have never been backed up with proof by the Spanish authorities. The only fact that they provided is a statement made under conditions of torture; the person making the statement recanted immediately afterwards. The Spanish authorities have made impossible arguments and contradicted themselves in order to get their hands on Juanra. At this moment in Spain, a witch hunt is going on against anyone who fundamentally criticises the government. Whether they are anti-globalisation activists, the autonomy movement in the Basque Country or opponents of the war on Iraq, civil rights are being scrapped and repressive tactics are being employed under the guise of 'the war on terrorism'. Juanra has no chance at a fair trial in Spain and may disappear behind bars for a long time. The period of time that he has to wait for a trial alone can last years!

Any day now, Minister Donner is to decide if he will take the court's advice. On the one side are the diplomatic and economic ties between Spain and the Netherlands, on the other side a left-wing activist and musician who has landed in the crosshairs of the modern Inquisition, the 'war on terror'. Knowing Donner, he will not hesitate in choosing sides. Juanra's extradition by the Netherlands would mean complicity in torture and political repression in Spain. That is unacceptable!

Free Juanra!

Foto report of FREE JUANRA demonstration in Amsterdam