Action week for Juanra
No extradition to Spain!
Come to The Hague!

Since January 2002, the Catalan political activist Juanra has been (with an interruption of several months) held in the prison at Vught. The Dutch court decided last October that his extradition to Spain is allowable. For the court, the facts that in Spain, political opposition has the screws applied to it with blatant violence and repression, and that political prisoners are systematically tortured, could not outweigh the agreements that have been made in Europe concerning extradition procedures. If Juanra also loses his appeal on April 8 against this verdict, then the judicial battle is lost. After that, it is up to Donner, the minister of Justice, to decide whether he will grant Juanra's extradition his political stamp of approval.

That must not be allowed to happen. To raise the political pressure and to generate media attention for his case, there will be an action camp set up by the Binnenhof (the courtyard of the Dutch parliament) in The Hague. Several people from Catalonia, the Basque country and the Netherlands will go on a hunger strike in solidarity with Juanra during these days. On 'het Plein' in The Hague, two tents will be pitched which will function as an action centre for this time. We want to think of and carry out even more actions on location, for which all assistance is welcome. Street theater, picket lines, handing out brochures, and so on, the sky's the limit.

Preliminary programme, a number of things are sure to be changed:

  • Monday, April 7: 4.00pm Filing charges against president Aznar and judge Garzon at the International Criminal Court in The Hague. Meet by the action tent.

  • Tuesday, April 8: 4.00pm Press conference in the action tent in response to the Supreme Court's verdict.

  • Wednesday, April 9: 2.00pm-4.00pm. Politicians are invited to talk about the parliamentary possibilities that have as yet gone unused. Juanra's case and the political situation in Spain are to be the main focus, but the tension between extradition and human rights in general will also be discussed. Experts on the subject of extradition, European and international justitial co-operation and human rights will also be present.

  • Thursday, April 10: 2.00pm-6.00pm. Conclusion of the action week

Throughout: an exhibition and information stand about Juanra's case and the political situation in Spain.