Verdict for Juanra once more postponed

Today, the verdict on Juanra's appeal against his extradition was again postponed. For the third time, the Supreme Court is postponing taking up his case, this time until May 20. The reason for this postponement cannot be found out.

This is a heavy blow for Juanra. Juanra has been sitting behind bars since October 26, 2002, waiting for some progress in his case. Since Feburary 21, he is in fact in solitary confinement. Although it may not be called that officially, and the warden of the Vught prison persists in claiming that"Juanra is in a regular regime", Juanra has been sitting since his transfer 23 hours a day in a cell with a frosted glass window and a broken chair. Mail is kept from him, even for instance newspapers that he in fact has official permission for. What's more, numerous arbitrary acts of bullying are carried out against him.

Many people put pressure on the warden of the Vught prison to transfer Juanra to a better regime, but got stuck in bureaucracy. Juanra was walking about freely from June until October 2002. He did not try to escape the authorities because he wanted to fight the charges against him head-on. Juanra is demonstrably the victim of Spanish political repression, and is being needlessly heavily punished with this postponement and his solitary confinement.

We hope that the postponement time after time of the decision from the Supreme Court in this sensitive case has to do with the care they are taking to consider this case, but we think that this inhumane and completely unnecessary confinement must be stopped.

We think that Juanra should be set free on bail until his case in the Netherlands has been fought to the end.

It is high time for Juanra to be freed again!!

Come on Thursday, April 10 around 12:30pm - 1:00pm to the prison at Vught. The address is Lunettenlaan 501, follow the signs to "Nationaal Monument Kamp Vught".

From Amsterdam, a bus will be going, gather at 10am in the Bollox. Come with your own transport if you can because we expect many people and there is a limited number of seats available.

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