Action for Juanra necessary

Dear people,
Direct action is needed to get Juanra transferred to a better prison unit. Juanra was transferred on Friday, Feburary 21, 2003 from Unit 2 to Unit 1. The opportunities available to prisoners in the different units in the Vught prison differ considerably. With his transfer, Juanra's situation has worsened significantly. According to the warden of Penitentiary Institution Nieuw Vosseveld (as the Vught prison is officially called), B. Molenkamp, Juanra was transferred because Unit 2 is being re-purposed. (Detention Center for young adults) Juanra is being more heavily punished thanks to an internal re-organisation. We find that unacceptable.

Juanra's attorney, Victor Koppe, has filed a petition for transfer to a lighter regime, near Amsterdam or, if necessary, in another unit in Vught. An answer to this request has still not come back as of now, 3 weeks later. What's more, a decision to deny the petition cannot be appealed.

Juanra, who has been locked up since October 26, 2002, has been hit hard by his transfer. Juanra knows this unit from the time that he was locked up there during the first five months of his detention [from mid-January until the end of June 2002]. In Unit 1, a regime is in effect of total surveillance and an almost complete restriction on the rights of the detainee.

The regime for Juanra in Unit 1:

  • 23 hours a day in his cell.
  • no more than four hours a week of 'recreation'.
  • one hour of exercise per week.
  • fresh air in a covered cage measuring eighteen by three meters.
  • quite a bit less telephone conversations.
  • no real window in his cell, but just a 'window' of frosted glass that cannot be opened.

Warden Molenkamp claims to have no influence on the transfer of Juanra to another prison. He can, however, certainly arrange for Juanra to get a better place within Vught.

Write, email or fax the prison and demand better conditions for Juanra!
Please send us a copy at

B. Molenkamp
Algemeen directeur
P.I Nieuw Vosseveld
Lunettenlaan 501
The Netherlands

Fax: +31-73-6582529 (fax during office hours)

Write to Juanra:

Juan Ramon Rodriguez Fernandez
P.I Nieuw Vosseveld
Lunettenlaan 501
The Netherlands

More information can be found at:

With greetings from the Free Juanra Support Organisation

Free Juanra Support Organisation
telephone: +31-6-19322304
bank transfer: Postbank account number 6800419 to the order of SPG, Amsterdam, with the memo 'free