***** PRESS RELEASE *****

Tuesday November 5: request for suspension of Juanra's detention.
116 people have come up with an additional 36 570 euros for his bail.

Since October 25 Juanra has been back in the Vught prison. It is time for him to come back out.
On November 5 we will attack the senseless political imprisonment of Juanra.
One of the reasons given by the court for locking him up again was that the
current bail of 20 000 euros was not contributed by people from the
Netherlands, but rather by sympathisers from Spain. Meanwhile, 116 people in
the Netherlands have also expressed their political support and made more than 36 000 euros available to increase his bail.

By doing so, these people are saying that they do not believe Juanra to be a
flight risk.
Juanra has himself proven that he does not want to flee. Three times now he has showed up for hearings knowing full well that each one could end in him being led away in handcuffs. Nor did he take flight when, on October 24, the court decided that he had to go back into prison and dismissed him with instructions to report back the next day.

Thus, it cannot be more plain to see that Juanra's imprisonment is a political decision. The Netherlands is going out of its way to impress the Spanish authorities by doing this. The current political situation in Spain and the Basque country, meanwhile, is beginning to take on characteristics of a right-wing dictatorship. Political parties are being banned, social and
political opponents are being silenced, tortured, and locked up.

For these reasons, Juanra has no chance of getting a fair trial in Spain, and he should by rights not be extradited and immediately be set free. Rather than co-operating with this, the Netherlands should put diplomatic relations with Spain on the back burner.

On Tuesday, November 5, at 12.15 p.m. we will let our voice be heard and
hopefully be able to bring Juanra home again from the courthouse at
Parnassusweg 220.

Juanra must be free!

Support group Free Juanra