When the judges take political decisions, who will protect our rights?

Come on Tuesday, November 5 at 12.15 to the court at Parnassusweg 220 in Amsterdam and demand:
Freedom for Juanra!

Since October 25 Juanra is in the prison at Vught again. It's time he is released again!

Juanra was locked up again because if he would flee it would hurt the Dutch relations with Spain. But he will not flee. Not only was a bail of 20.000 euros paid, but also he appeared at three separate court hearings, knowing fully well that there was a large risk for him of being locked up. Even when the court decided on October 24 he had to return to jail, but released him saying he should report a day later, Juanra did not run away.

The decision to lock up Juanra therefore is completely political. The Netherlands wants to please the Spanish authorities. Once again, civil liberties are pushed aside. The relations with a country that uses torture against political opposition are valued more than basic democratic and human rights.

On November 5, we will fight the pointless political incarceration of Juanra in court. We've asked people to express their political support, and to provide money to increase the bail. At this moment, over a hundred people have made personal guarantees for Juanra.

When the Netherlands decided to extradite Juanra, they legalized Spanish torture. When the Netherlands decided to lock up Juanra, they implemented direct political repression.
This cannot be tolerated!

Juanra must be released!

For more info, contact us on telephone 06-19322304, email info@freejuanra.org or look at the website www.freejuanra.org

5 November, Judges too cowardly to block politics.
Juanra remains imprisoned.


We beleve in Sinterklaas, not in the justice system!!