The Netherlands wants to get its own punishment in...

On October 23 there will be a new legal hearing against Juanra. Juanra is an activist from Catalonia who is a refugee in Amsterdam. The Spanish authorities are asking for his extradition because of suspected ties with ETA, on the basis of "evidence" clearly shown to be false.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs has requested the termination of Juanra's freedom on bail and is demanding his immediate detention. Detention until the verdict on the higher appeal is handed down and the Dutch justice minister has taken a decision about his extradition.

Juanra is a political refugee in a country Thousands of kilometers from his own home, from his family, and from the political movements that he is a part of. He has received a verdict which says that he can be extradited to a state where political prisoners are tortured, and to a fate of years and years to come in the prisons of the Spanish state.

We think that the Ministry of Internal Affairs, as the mouthpiece of the Dutch state, is clearly displaying its intention to deal out its own punishment to Juanra on top of the punishments in Spain that are already hanging over Juanra's head.

To us, of course, this is unnecessary, inhumane, and by any account unacceptable, and we will make every effort to prevent this.

Thus, we are calling on everyone to come to the Amsterdam courthouse on Prinsengracht 436 on Wednesday, October 23 at 8.30 to show Juanra your solidarity and to express your disgust at this politically-motivated backstabbing.


24 october, Juanra has to go back to prison