Tuesday October 1 at 13.00:

Verdict in controversial extradition case against Juanra

On Tuesday, October 1, the judge will deliver a verdict on Spain's controversial request to extradite Juanra. For more information about this case, see www.freejuanra.org. This will take place at Parnassusweg 220 in Amsterdam.

This case is of great importance, and not only for Juanra and the many people supporting him. The issue at hand is whether the Netherlands is about to co-operate with political oppression and torture. It is a matter of whether democratic rights and freedoms are to be sacrificed in the "battle on terrorism" gone mad, a battle that is claimed to be for the cause of protecting these very rights and freedoms.

It is unacceptable for us that the Netherlands would co-operate with this.

Even the prosecutor in this case has had to admit that Spain has provided self-contradictory and demonstrably false "evidence" and claims. As such, we demand more emphatically than ever both the immediate release of Juanra and the cessation of the wave of repression in Spain against critics of the government policy there.

Solidarity committee Free Juanra
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