Juanra will be free on bail!

Today the extradition trial of Juanra took place.
Against the will of both the procecutor and the defence, the judge decided to postpone the case. He acknowledged that since six months the accusation of the Spanish state is still unclear, vague and contradictionary. The accusation against Juanra has been changed five times ever since. Questions of the dutch court have been left unanswered and important files are lost at a sudden. Spain has been given the last chance to come up with a clear accusation with convincing evidence. As a response to that, Juanras lawyer Victor Koppe demanded that Juanra, who has been in isolation in a jail in Vught since six months, can wait for his next trial in freedom. It is not Juanras mistake that Spain can not get the story right. After a long time consideration the judge came back and told the good news. Juanra will be free on a temporary basis till the next trial. Therefor a bail is demanded for a sum of 20.000 euros and he has to hand in his passport and driver's licence. We expect that he will be free before the coming weekend! When the next trial will take place is uncertain but probably somewhere in August.

Freedom for all political prisoners!
Greetings, the JuanRa supportgroup.