March 4th: Demonstration in front of the Spanish consulate in Amsterdam

At 12.00u we gathered in the park at Frederiksplein, opposite the consulate. Just after twelve we manifested ourselves in front of the consulate with a banner that stated:

About 500 leaflets were handed out to the people who passed and a lot of noise has been made. The leaflets reported about Juanras case and our point of view in this issue. We are not tolerating the arrest of an antifascist and anticapitalist and demand the immediate release of Juanra by means of deficient legal proof. We demand the Spanish government to stop intimidating radical social movements and free all prisoners now.
During the hour we stood in front of the consulate some people wanted to get in. This was, however, not possible because it seemed they decided to lock the building.
Hopefully our message came through; we will not forget how the European "Judicature" deals with our friends.
Although we did not put forward a press statement, some of them were present. Unfortunately nothing was printed in the newspaper but there was a live interview with a local radio station. The reaction of the bystanders was mostly positive.
Our struggle for freedom of political resistance and for our friend behind the walls will continue.

Anarchist Group Amsterdam